Meet John. Our Friend and Guide

If you are looking for a top quality guide at a very cheap price   
Contact John when in Bali by Phone      081558365188


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This is John. We first met him in 2005 at Aneka Beach Hotel in Kuta. He was our driver and friend during that stay. In 2007 we enjoyed his company travelling all over Bali.
You travel in comfort
John is more than just a driver. He speaks very good english and understand the Australian sense of humour. We recommend anyone to contact him to take advantage of his services.
No rush. He will wait
The advantage of hiring John is that he will take you anywhere you want to go and wait until you are ready to move on. No back on the bus like in organised tours.
John's Familly
This is John, His wife Katuk and baby son. We enjoyed their company as well when we stayed in Bali.
Meet the inlaws
This is Katuk's parents home. He is a musical instrument maker and has won many awards for his skills.
Mum is 85 and still active
Meet Johns mother. 85 years old (2007) and full of energy. Bali has no pensions so it is up to the children to support there aging parents.
We highly recommend hiring John as you guide when you visit Bali. He is very easy going and will soon become your friend.
He works shifts at Aneka Beach Hotel (Bar Supervisor) in Kuta so has a lot of contact with Australians. Make you holiday Special.
Contact John, you'll be glad you did.